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Security guard at Sainsbury’s in Canterbury praised for helping old ladies home

A kind-hearted security guard is proving chivalry is not dead by helping elderly shoppers get home safely. Brendan Rose, who works at Sainsbury’s in St Dunstan’s in Canterbury, regularly walks frail customers home from the store with their shopping, but his goodwill only came to light when he was spotted by a passer-by assisting an

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School hires security guard after teachers injured trying to break up fight.

A school has hired a security guard after a punch-up left two teachers and a student with minor injuries. Ninestiles, an academy school in Birmingham, hired the security guard following the incident last month. Two teachers were knocked to the ground and kicked after they tried to break up a fight involving a group of

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Meet the UK’s kindest security guard

A DAD has been dubbed the kindest security guard in the UK because he regularly helps elderly people with their shopping — and even escorts them home safely. Brendan Rose was heaped with praise after an eagle-eyed local spotted him helping an elderly woman get back to her care home. The 30-year-old (pictured), who works

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Coronavirus: London security guard photographs his hospital heroes

A security guard at an east London hospital has created a series of portraits to pay tribute to the “heroes” he works with. Piotr Peksa has been taking photographs of staff at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel during the pandemic. Mr Peksa, who also uses the pseudonym Peter Pexington, said he created the images