Concierge & Reception Security

Our Concierge and Reception Services provide you with a highly professional service that you can use on a full-time, or ad-hoc basis to supplement your own staff to cover holiday and sickness or through periods of heavy workloads.

Our staff can provide simple meeting and greeting or switchboard call handling – or maintain front of house security, monitoring movements and ensuring that only authorised people gain entry in a friendly but authoritative manner.

In any business, first impressions are vital. They have a long lasting influence on the way people view the whole company. We ensure that the reception area is warm, welcoming and friendly, your visitors will feel comfortable and relaxed from the moment they walk through the door. It’s not just about looking smart and being efficient but also having a professional approach to making people feel at ease and reassured about your organisation.

Professionally presented and wearing our or your uniform, your receptionist or concierge from Frontline Security will be fully briefed on your business and their role. They will also conduct themselves appropriately and respectably as a member of your staff, to meet or exceed your expectations of how your organisation is represented.

Frontline Security provide Concierge and Reception Security for:

Serviced Offices and Business Parks

Frontline Security Concierge Services have grown considerably in recent years, and delivers a high quality service.

Hotels and Conference Venues

Professional experienced hotel security guards, room attendants and hotel receptionists to a wide variety of businesses

Apartments and Communal Housing

Security guards to guard and patrol apartment building and give peace of mind to your residents.and employees.


Let your business benefit from our security expertise. With bespoke solutions no matter the size of project or length of time


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