Day: July 29, 2020

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Drunk teen left Chester Church bar doorman with forehead split to bone

The below has been taken from The Chester Standard, original article found here A CHESTER bar doorman was left with a split forehead so bad it went to the skull bone after being attacked by a drunken teenager. Orig Williams, 19, pulled doorman Merryl Roberts to the ground face first after being ejected from The

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Luton security boss convicted for second time for operating illegally

The below article has been taken from the website Working On The Doors, original source found here Repeat offender, Robert Dass, a former Luton security boss has paid a significant confiscation order after being found guilty of operating illegally for the second time. On 15 July 2020 Robert Dass, was fined £1800 for two counts

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Man moonlighting as Accrington pub doorman gets Found out

This article has been taken from the website Working The Doors, original source found here A MAN moonlighting as a doorman alongside his partner beat a hasty retreat when his ex-partner turned up at the Accrington pub. Blackburn magistrates heard there was a clash between the two women which resulted in the police being called and Dylan Kurt