Man moonlighting as Accrington pub doorman gets Found out

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This article has been taken from the website Working The Doors, original source found here

A MAN moonlighting as a doorman alongside his partner beat a hasty retreat when his ex-partner turned up at the Accrington pub.

Blackburn magistrates heard there was a clash between the two women which resulted in the police being called and Dylan Kurt Tattersall being exposed as working without a Security Industry Authority licence.

Tattersall, 35, of Henry Street, Rishton, pleaded guilty to working as a doorman when not licensed. He was fined £166 with £350 costs and £32 victim surcharge. Curtis Lij-iyasu, prosecuting for the licensing authority, said Tattersall was working as a door supervisor at the Warner Arms in Accrington on November 29.

There was an incident which resulted in a member of the public being ejected after she assaulted a female door supervisor. The member of the public made a complaint to the police that she had been assaulted.

“The police checked CCTV footage which did not show any offending but did show the defendant working as a door supervisor,” said Mr Lij-iyasu.

“The defendant had signed in using the licence of a bona fide security officer.”

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