Advice: Halloween & Security

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As October rolls in, the UK wraps itself in the ghostly charm of Halloween. With the streets alive with trick-or-treaters and homes and businesses embracing the festive spirit, safety can sometimes take a backseat. Yet, this time of celebration can also be a magnet for mischief and unwarranted activities. This is where the importance of security guards and security patrols comes into play, both for homeowners and businesses. Here’s how to bolster your security for the season:

1. Hire Professional Security Guards:

For businesses expecting increased footfall or homeowners hosting grand Halloween parties, hiring professional security guards can ensure order and safety. Frontline Security offer trained personnel who can manage crowds and prevent potential disturbances.

2. Regular Security Patrols:

If you reside or operate in an area that sees heightened activities during Halloween, arranging for regular security patrols can act as a strong deterrent against mischief-makers. These patrols, which can also be provided by Frontline Security, ensure regular checks and establish a sense of security among residents and businesses.

3. CCTV Surveillance:

Consider installing security cameras. Even dummy cameras can act as a deterrent to would-be mischief-makers. For reviews and purchase options, check out our sister company Platinum Asset Protection.

4. Lights and Visibility:

A well-lit area is less likely to attract unwanted attention. Encourage your security personnel to keep external lights on, ensuring all areas of your property are well illuminated. This can deter potential trespassers and make patrols more effective.

5. Secure Decorations:

While decorations add to the festive spirit, they can become potential hazards or theft targets. If you have security personnel, ask them to keep an eye on outdoor displays and decorations, ensuring they are not tampered with.

6. Online Security:

With many shopping for costumes and decorations online, it’s crucial to be wary of cyber threats. Only shop on secure, reputable websites and avoid clicking on suspicious Halloween-themed emails or pop-ups. 

7. Community Vigilance:

Engage with your local neighbourhood watch or community group. A community that looks out for each other can be the best deterrent against crime. The Our Watch website provides resources for starting and maintaining neighbourhood watch groups.

8. Safe Trick-or-Treating:

If you have kids going out for treats, ensure they understand the importance of staying in groups, only visiting houses they know, and avoiding dark or suspicious areas. The NSPCC has guidelines for keeping children safe during festive seasons.

9. Keep Paths Clear:

With an influx of visitors to your home, make sure pathways are clear of obstacles to prevent accidents. This includes making sure that any cords or decorations are well out of the way.

10. Store Valuables:

If you’re hosting a party or expecting a lot of guests, keep valuables safely locked away. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

In essence, Halloween, while a time of revelry and fun, should also be approached with caution. With the assistance of security guards and patrols, homeowners and businesses can strike a balance between celebration and security, ensuring a safe and happy festive season.

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