As UK braces for post-lockdown ‘crime tsunami,’ some turn to TRAINED DOGS for security

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The UK is bracing for a crime wave, with unemployment soaring and US riots on every screen. But unlike Americans, Brits cannot own guns – so they’re scrambling for whatever security they can get, from CCTV to trained dogs.

As Britain begins to ease its Covid-19 lockdown conditions, the nation is on alert.

The UK has been warned to expect a deluge of criminality.

Doctor Simon Harding, a former Home Office and Metropolitan Police adviser, said“We’re going to have the backwash of everything that’s happened over the last two months. There’s a crime wave coming, a tsunami on the way.”

In America, the current lawlessness has seen a surge in gun purchases, particularly from first-time owners fearful for their safety.

But with British firearm laws being so strict, many are turning to trained protection dogs.

Newspapers reported numerous wealthy footballers buying breeds including German Shepherds and Dobermans, after being targeted in a spate of robberies.

One example was England international Dele Alli, who was held hostage at knifepoint during a burglary at his home in north London, with his assailants stealing luxury watches valued at £350,000.

Big rise in dog sales

The cost of these protection dogs can range from £3,000 to £75,000. Bath-based K9 Protector has seen a 34 percent jump in sales compared to last year, and a spokesman for the company said: “We have a varied client list from royalty, inherited wealth, people in the public eye and your average individual.”

Another company offering protection dogs is A1K9. Managing director Charles Wall told “People are concerned about the spike in crime.”

A1K9 has been training protection dogs at its kennels in Wales for over 20 years. Wall added: “I’ve sold dogs for up to £50,000. My cheapest dog is £12,000 and it would do a job for somebody living in a normal house and not at high risk.”

Overcoming intruders

The dogs don’t fit the stereotype of a fierce animal barking as it’s restrained by an iron chain. They are placid and friendly on the surface, but trained to change their behaviour if a threat develops.

Charles believes they could overpower most intruders, even if they were armed, explaining: “You have to be a really talented individual to shoot a dog running towards you and if you miss, the dog won’t be happy.”

Other security industries in the UK have also received a surge in trade. Ben Bockett of the Oxford Alarm Company has seen business increase 20 percent year on year and explained: “We’ve definitely seen an increase in people looking to protect their property more, whether that be in the form of a new intruder alarm system or even reinstating an old system they didn’t use, as well as the addition of CCTV and security lighting.”

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