‘Door staff must be properly trained to handle trouble’: What police had to say after we revealed shock bouncer arrest figures

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Almost 100 security staff members have been arrested on serious violent and sexual crimes in the past three years

Door staff must be properly trained to handle trouble, Manchester’s city centre police chief has said after the Manchester Evening News revealed shock bouncer arrest figures.

Data released under the Freedom of Information Act shows Greater Manchester Police recorded 524 alleged crimes between 2015 and 2018 in the region, where the suspect’s job title was listed as either ‘door staff’ or ‘security guard’.

It is not mandatory for police to say whether the suspect’s occupation as a bouncer is relevant to the alleged offence.

However, in many cases it is likely it was because of the location of the suspected crime.

Almost 100 of all those alleged offences were recorded in Manchester city centre.

They include four bouncers who were arrested on suspicion of manslaughter over a mystery incident that occurred some time between 2016 and 2017.

It is not known if any charges followed.

Council officials are trying to find out more about the incident to see if it was linked to a licenced premises.

Manchester council’s city centre spokesperson Pat Karney said he was ‘disturbed’ by the arrest figures and that he would be speaking to the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and police for reassurance.

Meanwhile, Chief Inspector Cherie Buttle, who runs city centre policing, reacted by saying police will always take ‘incidents of crime within the night-time economy seriously’.

She said: “Manchester city centre has a thriving night-time economy, and we are committed to supporting local businesses and partners to ensure visitors can enjoy everything Manchester has to offer in the safest possible environment.

“Licensed door staff and supervisors play a vital role in helping to maintain public safety and it is imperative that they have the correct skills and training to be able to diffuse potential trouble in an appropriate and lawful manner.

“We will always take incidents of crime within the night-time economy seriously and where necessary work with our partners including the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and licensing team within Manchester City Council to take the appropriate action.”

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