Door Supervisor protects customers from a violent attack at a south London bank

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Mohsin Rahim, from Streatham, is a Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed door supervisor. He was on duty at the Nationwide Building Society in Streatham one afternoon in June, when a man ran past him into the branch.

As he was overseeing social distancing and making sure people queued in separate lines, Mohsin heard shouting and swearing from inside. The man was swearing and shouting aggressively “I want my money”. Mohsin assessed the situation and realised that the man who was demanding money had mental health issues. He swiftly directed customers out of the way, and went to help another security guard who was intervening. The situation escalated, and the man punched Mohsin in the face.

When the SIA asked Mohsin what was going through his mind at the time, he said, “I thought he was going to hit my manager, so I got in between them.”

Mohsin said that he remembered his training and safely restrained the man. As this was happening, the police arrived, arrested the man and escorted him to a waiting police car. The police also confirmed Mohsin’s suspicions that the aggressor had a history of mental health episodes. The police asked Mohsin whether he would like to press charges. Mohsin said: “As it was Ramadan, I chose to forgive him.” The man was released, after being encouraged by the police to apologise to Mohsin and all of the customers in the Nationwide branch.

Several customers thanked Mohsin for protecting them, and said how sorry they were that he had been assaulted.

Mohsin’s story is part of the SIA’s #SIAHeroes campaign. He is one of 400,000 licensed security operatives in the UK who have continued to work as critical workers and keyworkers, guarding hospitals, sheltered accommodation, supporting social distancing in supermarkets, and other essential operations.

Ian Todd, the SIA Chief Executive, said:

It’s important to remember that many in the security industry are working as critical and key workers during this emergency. Mohsin’s story is testament to the fact that despite the challenges, many operatives and businesses are going the extra mile to serve their communities.

The SIA is promoting the industry’s dedication and commitment through the #SIAHeroes campaign. It is sharing inspiring stories of security operatives who are keeping the public safe and secure at this critical time.

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