Door Supervisor in Club
Door Supervisor in Club

Frontline: Door Supervisors

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The Importance of Door Supervisors in the Night-Time Economy

The night-time economy has been an integral part of the urban experience, providing both locals and tourists with a means to relax, enjoy, and engage with the vibrant facets of city life. Within the UK, establishments that operate during the night, such as nightclubs, bars, and restaurants, are essential components of the economic framework. However, the vitality and fluidity of these venues come with their unique set of challenges, making the role of door supervisors pivotal.

With the introduction of B7860, the standards for door supervision in the UK have become clearer, showcasing the importance of these professionals in ensuring safety, security, and satisfaction in the night-time economy.

What is BS 7860?

BS 7860 is a British Standard that provides guidelines and recommendations for door supervisors. This standard was established recognising the unique challenges faced in the night-time environment. By adhering to BS 7860, venues are ensuring that their door supervisors are not just fit for purpose but are also working within an established framework designed to maximise safety and professionalism.

Key Reasons Door Supervisors are Integral to the Night-Time Economy

Safety and Security

The primary role of a door supervisor is to ensure the safety of patrons and staff within the premises. By managing entry, conducting searches when necessary, and monitoring behaviour, door supervisors play a pivotal role in reducing potential threats, from physical altercations to illegal substances.

Crowd Management

Popular venues can attract large crowds, making crowd management a priority. The presence of trained door supervisors helps in directing flow, managing queues, and ensuring that the venue doesn’t exceed its capacity – all crucial factors to avoid mishaps.

Upholding Licensing Laws

Door supervisors are often the first line of defence in upholding licensing laws. Ensuring that underage or overly intoxicated individuals are not granted access is part and parcel of their responsibilities.

Conflict Resolution

Issues can arise in any social setting. Door supervisors are trained in conflict resolution techniques to de-escalate situations before they become problematic.

First Aid

Many door supervisors are also trained in providing first aid, making them a valuable asset in cases of medical emergencies.

The Impact of BS 7860 on the Night-Time Economy

 By setting a clear standard, BS 7860 enhances the quality of door supervision across the UK. Establishments that adhere to this standard are likely to:

Boost their Reputation

Patrons and local authorities alike will recognise the commitment to safety and professionalism.

Reduce Incidents

Properly trained and guided door supervisors will result in fewer altercations or issues.

Enhance Customer Experience

A safe environment is more conducive to a positive customer experience, leading to repeat business.

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