Hero security guards praised for saving man’s life at Easterhouse shopping centre

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Two security guards working at a shopping centre in Easterhouse have been praised for saving a man’s life.

Paul Mitchell and Brian Gallagher were on shift at The Loch’s on Saturday morning when a customer collapsed on the floor and stopped breathing.

While waiting 20 minutes for an ambulance, the pair managed to keep the man alive.

The man, said to be in his late 60’s, had gone into cardiac arrest and stopped breathing around 10am.

While a customer called an ambulance and fellow staff member went to the collect the defibrillator, the two security guards began to perform lifesaving CPR.

Paul, 58, who has worked at the centre for over four years, told Glasgow Live : “We heard a customer shouting for help and saying that a man had collapsed. He was just outside Sweet Greetings and had been put in the recovery position.

“It was obvious he had gone into shock so we started doing CPR.

“Within a few minutes he had started breathing again but it was another 20 minutes until the ambulance arrived – it felt like an eternity.”

The pair, who only underwent their first aid training a few months ago, then began using the defibrillator.

Paul explained: “I was a bag of nerves. They mentioned on the course how strenuous it is to give CPR for five or so minutes but we were at it for over 20. Luckily we were able to take turns.

“A first responder paramedic arrived and strapped him up to a machine and his heart restarted within a few minutes, then eventually the ambulance arrived.

“From what I’ve heard the man is doing fine now.

“We’ve been told  that we done a great job but there were other people there, a young boy who phoned an ambulance and a junior doctor who was keeping an eye on us.”

The pair continued with their shift after the dramatic morning and were back on duty at the shopping centre the next day.

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