Manned Security – Your Questions Answered!

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Q. Is there a difference between Security Guarding and Manned Guarding Services?

Manned guarding services, often referred to simply as security guards (It’s the same thing just different terminology depending on your industry!), are essential in ensuring the safety and security of your organisation.

These services come in two forms:

Static security, where guards are stationed at a specific location, and mobile security, suitable for larger or multiple areas.

Mobile patrols offer flexible, tailored security, checking premises at various times.

Q. When is Manned Guarding Most Effective?

Manned guarding is ideal for protecting people, high-value assets, and sensitive processes.

Working alongside technologies like CCTV and alarm systems, manned guards offer comprehensive security solutions.

Q. What Services are Offered by Manned Guards?

Manned guards provide a range of services including:

Q. Why opt for Manned Guarding?

Consider manned guarding if you’re facing increased security threats like vandalism, theft, or anti-social behaviour.

It’s also beneficial for new premises, protection of high-value assets, employee safety, and potentially reducing insurance premiums.

Q. What does it cost?

The cost of manned guarding services varies, tailored to your organisation’s specific needs.

It’s not just about the expense, but the value they bring in maintaining operations and protecting your reputation.

As with all things in life and in business it is not simply a question of cost but more importantly what represents good value.

Before accepting any quote it’s vital to ensure that:

  • all guards are licenced by the SIA 
  • All guards are being paid at or above the living wage levels
  • Guards are properly trained, managed and supported with back up should it be required.

Security should be seen as an asset and an investment that provides a return every day.

Think of the costs associated with interruption to operations and customer service compromises.

There’s the time taken to manage the issues associated with a security breach. There’s even the cost of damage to reputation to consider too.

With effective security provision, these significant costs will be avoided.

Q. Are there Accreditations and Certifications we should be aware of?

Ensure your security Company holds Approved Contractor Status for the SIA (Security Industry Authority).

Find out more about Approved Contractor Status in our Blog.

Approved contractors like Frontline Security 24/7 Ltd, will have additional accreditations to demonstrate the capability to carry out the worked tasked by its clients! 

Q. Can a Collaborative Security Approach be done?

While manned guards can operate independently, they often work in conjunction with other security measures like CCTV and alarm response, depending on your needs.

Is It Right for us?

Assess if manned guarding is right for you through a thorough risk assessment, considering your business size, location, and specific security requirements.

Industries like healthcare, education, logistics, manufacturing, and construction can greatly benefit from manned guarding.

Whats the difference between employed security guards  sub contracted guards?

Ensure guards are direct employees of the security provider, with appropriate checks and training.

Check whether or not Guards are employed on a PAYE basis or a Self-Employed Basis.

In some situations where long standing relationships exist between a client and a company a Security Sub-Contractor maybe used as long as they hold Approved Contractor Status and thoroughly vetted by the provider.

Q. How Quickly can i get them?

After a site survey and risk assessment, manned guarding can typically be implemented within 12-24 hours.

At Frontline Security we aim to get you covered within 4 hours!

Q. Are they Guards trained?

Confirm that your security provider offers continuous training and is up-to-date with industry developments.

Look for evidence like training documentation and SIA licensing.

Q. Is there any specific technology that the guards use?

A proficient security provider should seamlessly integrate modern technology into their services for effective security management.

Frontline has integrated systems to provide the best possible experience for our customers and we are always seeking new technology to enhance our services.

Q. Why Invest in Manned Guarding Services?

Manned guarding should adapt to your organisation’s unique needs, offering scalable solutions for a strong return on investment.

At Frontline Security, we pride ourselves on delivering tailored, top-tier security solutions.

Contact us for a customised security plan that addresses your specific requirements and enhances your business’s security posture.


For a free no obligation Quote contact out team today!

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