Meet the UK’s kindest security guard

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A DAD has been dubbed the kindest security guard in the UK because he regularly helps elderly people with their shopping — and even escorts them home safely.

Brendan Rose was heaped with praise after an eagle-eyed local spotted him helping an elderly woman get back to her care home.

The 30-year-old (pictured), who works at Sainsbury’s in Canterbury, Kent, regularly walks frail customers home from the store with their shopping, but his goodwill only came to light after the passer-by posted it on a Facebook group.

But he insists he is doing nothing out of the ordinary and that this type of behaviour should be the norm.

He said: ‘I was brought up respecting my elders and helping anyone who needs it, even if this is just helping someone cross the road.’

Brendan has worked for security company Mitie for two years, and can be seen at the Sainsbury’s store four to five days a week.

He says he regularly walks home elderly ladies, including one 96-year-old who often ventures out after dark.

He said: ‘She comes out late at night sometimes — she once came out at 10pm not realising how late it was, thinking the butcher would be open — so I walk her home, make sure she gets back safely.

‘The lady I was seen walking home is a regular and I walk her back to her care home all the time.

‘She’s a little unstable on her feet. I walk her over the rail tracks and down the alleyway. I just make sure she gets back OK.

‘She comes in almost every shift I work. She’s Norwegian and I’ve got cousins in Norway so we chat about it. She’s a good woman.’

Brendan, who lives with partner Jamie-Lee, his 19-month-old daughter and two step-sons, says it is sad that helping elderly people should be considered out of the ordinary.

He said: ‘This should be normal behaviour.’

Paige Elizabeth, who spotted Brendan helping a customer, said: ‘Good to see there are still some decent human beings left in Canterbury.’

Under the post, Malcolm Willatts said: ‘That security guard is always a lovely man.’

Paula Nugent said: ‘I’m disabled and he’s always lovely to myself and my little boy when we go in too.’

Clair Marsh said: ‘Respect and thanks to people like this who give thoughtful caring help when needed.’

Kimmy Connolly said: ‘Aww, what a gentleman, always give u a smile when you go in there so lovely to see a happy story for a change.’

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At Frontline Security we pride ourselves in training our guards not only to be the very best at what they do, but to also show care, compassion and kindness to everyone that passes by. For more information about our services contact us today.

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