Security and Christmas

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As the festive season approaches, businesses across the UK face unique security challenges. Recent crime statistics indicate a notable increase in various offences, including theft and public disorder, particularly during the Christmas period. This trend underscores the importance of robust security measures for businesses.

Understanding the Risks

The year 2022 saw a marked increase in crime rates in the UK, with England recording the highest numbers. These statistics, reflecting a rise in offences such as anti-social behaviour, theft, and robbery, highlight the heightened risks businesses face during the festive season.

Manned Security: A Proactive Approach

To mitigate these risks, manned security solutions emerge as an effective strategy. Frontline’s team of Professional Security Teams can provide a visible deterrent to potential criminal activities.

Their presence not only enhances safety but also offers peace of mind to both business owners and customers.

Manned security services are an essential component of comprehensive security strategies, especially during high-risk periods like the Christmas season.

These services typically include:

Security Guards

Stationed at key points, they provide a visible deterrent to criminal activity, monitor access, and respond to incidents.

Mobile Patrols

These patrols offer flexible, dynamic surveillance, covering larger areas and responding rapidly to alerts or incidents.

Alarm Response & Key Holding

In the event of an alarm or emergency, rapid response units are dispatched swiftly to address the situation, ensuring prompt resolution of any security breaches.

Personal Security

For high-risk individuals or specific events, personal security personnel can offer close protection.

Each of these services can be tailored to the specific needs and vulnerabilities of a business, ensuring optimal security during the festive season.

Tailored Security Strategies

Frontline Security 24/7 Ltd. advocates for customised security solutions. Understanding that each business has unique needs, they recommend a thorough assessment of the premises to identify potential vulnerabilities and develop a comprehensive security plan.

Key Recommendations for Businesses

Assess and Fortify:

Conduct a security audit to identify potential weak points.

Visible Deterrence:

Deploy manned security guards, especially in high-risk areas.

Constant Vigilance:

Utilise CCTV and alarm systems for round-the-clock surveillance.

Staff Training:

Educate employees on security protocols and emergency response.


The festive season, while a time of increased sales and activity, also brings heightened security challenges. By incorporating tailored security solutions and being vigilant, businesses can ensure a safe and prosperous season.


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