Security guard pays for pensioner’s shopping after seeing him struggle to find cash for bed sheet

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Shopper Jane Philips said she was moved to tears after seeing a store’s security guard step up and cover the cost of the pensioner’s shopping.

A shopper was nearly “moved to tears” by a security guard who paid for an elderly man’s shopping after noticing him struggling to pay for a £5.99 bed sheet.

Jane Philips, who lives in Salford, spotted Louis Pierre Yonsian chatting to the pensioner at Aldi in Salford, Greater Manchester.

The man had asked for a single fitted bed sheet at the till but when it was handed over, he could be heard saying ‘I’ll have to come back tomorrow.’

Mr Yonsian then handed a £20 note to the checkout assistant, covering the cost of the man’s shopping.

Writing on Facebook about what she had witnessed, Ms Philips said: “I have to mention that I was in Aldi this evening on the height. Salford, and there was an elderly guy, not good on his legs with some shopping and he was enquiring about a single bed sheet, he handed it back, I think it was too expensive for him, he said “he would come back tomorrow for it”.

“The security guard put it with his shopping and paid for the lot! How wonderful and thoughtful is that. I could have cried.”

Ms Philips later said: “I was just in the queue having done a bit of shopping and security guard was helping an older chap with a walking stick.

“The sheet was brought to him but I think when he saw the price he said he’d come back tomorrow. The security guard just handed it over to the girl on the till and said ‘I will pay for it all’. There wasn’t a lot, just a few items, but it was so wonderful and lovely.”

Asked about his kind gesture, Mr Yonsian said the man was a regular customer to the store and that he just liked to help customers.

He said: “I like to help customers when they need it and make people comfortable when they’re in the store.

“When I saw this particularly regular customer I just thought about my father and grandfather and if either of them needed something and didn’t have the money that day.

“He was really surprised and said ‘thank-you, God bless you’.”

Liam Griffiths, operations director at Maybank Security which provides security for the Irlams o’ th’ Height store, said he was incredibly proud of what Mr Yonsian did.

He said: “We try to instil to all our staff about customer service but this is going far and beyond.

“That’s not what he’s there for but it’s a lovely gesture – fair play to him.

“I’m very, very proud of him.”

Aldi has been approached for comment but declined.

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