Security guard takes care of entire office’s plants as employees work from home during lockdown

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If you’re working from home or are just returning to the office, you might be wondering what state your desk plants are in.

With most of us away since lockdown began in March, no one has been tending to the succulents, cacti, and other bits of greenery left on our desk.

But for one office, that wasn’t the case.

The security guard at a UK-based law firm decided to save all the plants in all 12 floors of the building, leaving them in the cafeteria which gets the most light.

Tumblr user wafflesrisa wrote a post revealing that the kind security person, who used to be a florist, tended to the entire building’s plants.

She and the other employees had abruptly been sent home after the country went into lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Unable to take their desk belongings home, employees were left to wonder what came of the things they left behind

But before they were set to return to the office, employees received an email saying their plants and flowers have survived the whole ordeal.


In images she shared on her page, all the greenery in the cafeteria looks like a greenhouse.

She wrote on the post: ‘When lockdown happened in the UK it happened very suddenly.

‘At the law firm I work at, our office building emptied overnight when everyone was told to work from home. No time to clear our desks, no time to bring office plants home.

‘Fast forward three and a half months – everyone assumes that their plants are dead.

‘But then an email goes round! It turns out that one of our security guards is a florist, and the security team has moved EVERY SINGLE PLANT from all 12 floors of our office building into the cafeteria.’

You might be wondering how all the plants will find their way back to their desk homes, seeing as they were all stored together in the cafeteria.

But, of course the security team thought of that.

The poster added: ‘It’s been turned into a temporary greenhouse. Cacti, succulents, spider plants, terrariums, and potted ferns; each plant has been INDIVIDUALLY LABELLED by hand with post-it notes with name and desk location so the plants can go home after lockdown ends.

‘The plants are being taken care of tenderly. They get sun and water and are spending happy times with other plant friends.’

We wonder what state our office plants are in.

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