Security guard writes his own children’s books in lockdown

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MANY of us tried a new hobby during lockdown, but this security guard decided to do something completely different from his day job.

Simon Rudd, from Hindley, had never done any writing or illustration before.

But when he had a bit more time on his hands due to a change in hours, he decided to follow up on an idea he developed last Christmas.

While in lockdown Simon, who works for Bolton Council, began writing a few things down, and eventually wrote a full manuscript which he sent off to publishers.

They were impressed with what they read and he was offered several contracts.

However, Simon decided to go is own way and publish with Amazon so he could do the illustrations himself.

Leigh Journal:

The books are available to purchase on the site, and the author has already received some glowing reviews on social media.

Simon said: “It all began at Christmas time when my nieces and nephews asked me why we hang up stockings, and my niece kept wondering why socks go missing in the washing machine.

“So I came up with this idea that Santa’s elves were stealing the socks and using them for different things.

“Publishing on Amazon was a really quick process, I did all the illustrations myself and uploaded them to my computer and added the text.

“Within a couple of hours of uploading them they were already available to buy.

“I included references to the rainbows we saw during lockdown, and there’s one scene where Santa is in a Bolton taxi.

“I was actually quite shocked because it was summer time, yet children were already reading Christmas books.

“But the feedback was amazing, it’s a really good feeling knowing that people are enjoying what you’ve written.

“I’ve already started writing a few more books, which is very exciting.”

Leigh Journal:

‘Santa’s Odd Socks’ and ‘Santa’s Pup Patches’ are available to buy on Amazon.

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