Security industry adopts robots into new role

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This article has been taken from CGTN America.

Smart robots are assuming a larger role in our lives these days and increasingly, they’re performing jobs that many of us would rather not do. One of those positions is that of a building security guard.

CGTN’s Hendrik Sybrandy visited Gamma 2 Robotics in Denver, to view the robot they have developed that is already starting to do this job.

In a world where technology is forever evolving, in the distant future we will see most jobs taken over by robots. In an industry where its important to have effective communication is this good for the security industry? In certain aspects yes, in certain aspects no.

These security robots will have similar analytic detection software to what we use for our clients houses, warehouses etc. However, they wont have the communication skills and empathy we provide from our manned guards.

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We do not recruit “Bouncers” or “Jacket Fillers”, we ensure that we only Employ the highest caliber of Door Supervisors that can show and demonstrate that they have the patience, knowledge and skill set to be able to deal with any situation calmly and with a level head.

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