Singing Waitrose security guards bring a smile to shoppers’ faces

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They’ve got their Christmas playlist ready.

It’s been a year when large queues outside supermarkets have become a normal part of life.

With limits on numbers allowed inside supermarkets due to covid, many have spent time stood, waiting patiently on the pavement, trolley at the ready.

And while for some it has become a tiresome part of the weekly shop, two security guards in Nailsea are doing their bit to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

Aaron Steele and Victoria Batterson have become known as the ‘singing security guards of Nailsea.’

From their guard point outside the town’s Waitrose store in the High Street they have spent the past nine months since the start of the pandemic putting a smile on shoppers’ faces.

Each day the pair, who work for KDM Security, have been putting on a show – dancing and singing for customers as they queue to go into the store. They even tell a few jokes.

Aaron, 24, who is also known as the dancing doorman in Bristol from when he used to work on the club scene, said: “I have always done security as my main job.

“Obviously there is a serious side to it, but I also like to bring a bit of fun where I can.

“Working the doors in Bristol I could often be found at the DJ booth in the club doing the macarena.”

The pair have become a huge hit with shoppers who say they brighten their visit to the supermarket.

“When lockdown first began people could be waiting for up to half an hour to get into the store,” Aaron said.

“I think during the first lockdown people were nervous about venturing out.

“We were there to keep everyone calm and happy and reassure them they were safe in store.”

The pair also were on hand in the summer giving out facemasks to shoppers who had forgotten to bring them and handing out water to people queuing on warm days.

To keep customers occupied during the wait the pair came up with a playlist.

“In the summer it was more Beach Boys, Venga Boys and Steps,” said Victoria.

“But we also added a bit of Tina Turner and Tom Jones which everyone loved singing along to.”

Now with Christmas on its way, the pair have opted to more festive tunes from carols to Christmas classics.

“Singing and dancing while we work has now become a way of life,” said Aaron.

“This is the new normal.

“Obviously we take our job very seriously as the safety of customers is paramount.

“When we need to go into security guard mode to deal with an incident, we do.

“But when we can, we are back putting a smile on peoples’ faces with our singing and dancing.”

And customers love it, already deeming the pair the ‘happiest security guards in the south west.”

Some even bring them treats, such as hot chocolate, coffee and chocolate bars.

“These two have been wonderful,” said shopper Cynthia Smith who had arrived at the store to do her weekly shop – and hand the duo some bars of chocolate.

Cynthia, 75, from Nailsea, said: “They are super efficient and they always have a happy face.

“They brighten my day. It can’t be easy being cheerful all the time when you are doing a 12 hour shift stood outside.

“But they manage it well.”

Fellow shopper Lynn Mitchell said: “They brighten everyone’s day.”

Another customer said: “What are they going to do when they catch a shoplifter?

“Sing him into submission?”

The pair plan to continue bringing their own blend of happiness to Nailsea in the run up to Christmas and have even donned festive hats on their shifts.

“We’ve got the Christmas hits playlist ready,” said Victoria, 47, a former Army veteran who completed two tours of Bosnia.

Bosses at the Waitrose and Partners branch said the pair were a real asset to the store.

Nailsea branch manager Chris Smith said: “These two are great at making our customers feel welcome and safe at the branch.

“We have received great feedback from our customers.

“They are putting a smile on peoples’ faces and our customers love it.”

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