The dancing security guards putting smiles on the faces of queueing customers at Coalville Morrisons

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‘It made me feel good and happy watching them dance and cheer people up’

It is easy to find yourself feeling downhearted right now.

The coronavirus has us bound to our own homes as the UK government attempts to halt the spread.

The government guidelines stipulate that people are only to go out for exercise or to buy food and essential items.

On a normal day, going to the shop is a fairly mundane and uneventful outing as you make your way around the aisles.

But that’s not the case at the Morrisons superstore in Coalville.

That is because two of their security guards have taken it into their own hands to spread some much-needed positivity and put some smiles on the faces of customers as they wait to enter the store.

The two employees have been recorded busting out some impressive moves to songs such as the YMCA and Big, Fish, Little Fish, Cardboard Box.

Joanne Chesire visited the store to do her shopping on Wednesday, April 8 and recorded the dancing pair at Morrisons.

She said: “It made me feel good and happy watching them dance and cheer people up who is going through this sad time.”

Chris Redstone was another who saw the pair and took a quick video.

He said: “It put a smile on everyone’s face watching them dance along to Agadoo and YMCA whilst queuing up.

“There were a few people joining in, another staff member found a couple of pineapples for their Agadoo routine.”

More videos have been shared onto Facebook pages such as Spotted Coalville, where people have said things such as: “Awww brilliant well done to both of you, just what we need at a time like this.

“Brilliant, great to see something positive and funny in these difficult times,” said another commenter.

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At Frontline Security our job is to not only look after our clients and their businesses but to also put a smile on peoples faces whenever we can.

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