Welcome to our new site!

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Welcome to the new website and blog for Frontline Security!

This blog is the place to find the latest news and updates about us as a business so you can follow along with our journey. We will also share industry news that we find interesting in the hope that you will find it interesting too!

We have designed the website from the ground up to ensure that ease of use and navigation is the top priority. There are many websites out there that are just too busy and I personally know that interest can be lost in the content very quickly… we have all been there!

That being said, feedback is always a great thing! We are happy to take on board all feedback regarding the website, both positive and negative as it can only serve to make the experience for all users of this website even better. If you do have any feedback or suggestions please feel free to leave a comment on this post or contact us directly using our contact methods.

More to explorer

Reasonable Use of Force, What you Can and Cannot Do

All extracts are taken from the “Safer Doors” book. Published by Geddes and Grossett. Copyright laws apply. Original source found here The main reason for the bad reputation that some Door Supervisors have, is the excessive force that they use in the execution of their duties. By virtue of the demands of the job, door supervisors

Death on the door: how security industry risk has grown as police numbers fall

The below article is from The Guardian Website, original source found here. Tudor Simionov was stabbed to death by a gang trying to gatecrash a New Year’s Eve party in London’s West End. From tackling crime to guarding trains, private firms are filling roles public services once had. But it’s a dangerous business… Michelle Bailey

Drunk teen left Chester Church bar doorman with forehead split to bone

The below has been taken from The Chester Standard, original article found here A CHESTER bar doorman was left with a split forehead so bad it went to the skull bone after being attacked by a drunken teenager. Orig Williams, 19, pulled doorman Merryl Roberts to the ground face first after being ejected from The

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